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Still Life with Stings by L.H. Cosway

“Perhaps it wasn’t that he dreamt me. Perhaps I was the one who dreamt him.”


A sweet story with art, music, and a swoon-worthy hero. 


❄︎ the story ❄︎

Jade is responsible for supporting her fractured family and so she works in a concert hall and on the streets (standing still). Never did she think she'd catch the eye of the stunning and talented Shane Arthur. And although she would love nothing more than to explore something with him, she tries to distance herself from him in order to stay strong and sober. He wants me to teach him how to live. I’m not sure how much a twenty-six year old recovering alcoholic who works in a bar and moonlights as a living statue can teach a world class concert violinist, but I’m sure going to try. This was a great in-between book for me. Sweet and sexy without too much drama. My biggest complaint is the writing; in some places it didn't flow as much as I would have liked. 


❄︎ the characters ❄︎

∙ Jade Lennon ∙

The woman from his painting was a living, breathing thing... and she was so completely still.



Jade was a likable heroine but I couldn't really connect with her. I did think her job as a statue was really interesting, though. At first I really couldn't understand how the author wrote how beautiful and inspiring she was as a statue (I had never seen a 'living statue' before) but, coincidentally, I took a trip to Germany while reading this story and street performers like Jade were very popular. They're really amazing to look at, especially when they start moving to change positions... it was almost unreal. But I digress... sometimes I grew annoyed with Jade and wanted to scream "Just give him a chance!". I understood why she was being cautious but still... I didn't have to like it.


∙ Shane Arthur ∙

“We all have to believe in something to keep going, Bluebird.”


I love you, Shane! He stole my heart in Still Life with Strings. He had this sweet, shy demeanor but throw him in the bedroom aaaannnddd... *waggles brows* I wish I could have him all to myself... forget Jade and come to mama! 


❄︎ the romance ❄︎
“… they always fail to mention how those butterflies have wings made of steel, cutting through your insides so that all you can feel is burning.”

Because the romance was a slow burn, Still Life with Strings was filled with lots sexual tension. Both Jade and Shane had been burned in the past and carried a lot of baggage but, little by little, they were able to heal each other. 


❄︎ overall ❄︎

A light, angst-free story with a great characters and some seriously sexy scenes! I definitely recommend giving this book a go.

“Standing at the very edge of the stage as the piece comes to its dramatic finish, Shane is watching me still. I hope he never stops.”


 **A copy of Still Life with Strings was generously provided by Romance Beckons via NetGalley**

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/883543351