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Dark Night of the Soul by E.M. Havens

Once I finished this book, I was left a little speechless because I was not expecting to like it as much as I did. Now let's not get crazy here and start *gasp* ripping out pages from the book, but I honestly never wanted this story to end.

“So just to be clear,” I said. My voice shook a little too much for my liking. “I killed myself. I’m in some kind of Purgatory. I am now part of a band of demon-fighting superheroes. We go around saving other people from offing themselves in the real world by protecting their statues in this one. All while trying to earn a second chance at life. Or a chance to end it once and for all.” “That about sums it up.”

Jayden was an interesting character. She was self-centered, ignorant, and sometimes a bit childish. But there was something I liked about her. Despite everything her intentions were good... but as they say,

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

As the story progressed, you slowly see a shift in Jayden. I liked that the author was subtle and didn't immediately try to redeem Jayden. It took quite a few wakeup calls before she was able to see how her actions were affecting everybody around her. Marsh, Prince, Neala and all the other characters I had the pleasure of reading about also contributed to the story. I was just as interested in their stories as I was in Jayden's. The writing was easy and flowed nicely. Dark Night of the Soul deals with serious subjects like suicide and self-worth, however, E.M. Havens was able to keep the story light, entertaining and managed not to leave me in a depressed heap on the floor. She got her point across without bludgeoning me with life lessons and held my attention throughout the whole story. This was a YA, clean romance but that's what made it all the more special. Every glance, hand hold and chocolate kiss had my heart racing. The story wasn't centered around the romance, though, and I was just as easily captivated my the story and concept.

*This book was generously provided in exchange for an honest review*