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Find You in the Dark

Find You in the Dark  - A. Meredith Walters … everything had started so simply.
A look.
A touch.
A kiss.

Find You In The Dark was raw, beautiful, and soul-moving. I was so emotionally invested that every up and down, every emotion each of the characters expressed, I felt.

Maggie Young has had the closest you can get to a perfect life.
Great friends. Wonderful parents. Good grades.
She has normal.
And then Clayton Reed walks into her life.
They fall into a world of passion and love, where they believe everything will be okay as long as they loved each other. That together, they can fight off the darkness.
But sometimes, love isn’t enough.
The most perfect memories are the ones too painful to forget.

From the second I started reading, I was hooked. I completely fell in love with the story and the characters. I loved along with them, cried with them, laughed with them. My heart broke for their struggles and for Clay’s illness.
“You ran into my life, this beautiful, amazing girl who changed everything. I finally saw what my world could be.

One of the things that really stood out for me was the humor. Despite the how heartbreaking and raw their situation was, Maggie and Clay always found a way to make me laugh.

From the beginning I knew that there was something different about Clay, but it wasn’t so bad that I was really worried. But when Maggie and Clay started falling in love and really getting to know each other, you start to get little clues that tell you that there’s something bigger going on here.
And I really admire Maggie because she truly loved Clay. It was utter devotion and unconditional love that she gave this boy, a boy who had never had that. There were times that I believed that maybe their love couldn’t heal him. That maybe it just wasn’t enough.

“As long as we’re together, I have something to fight for.” He whispered.

Maggie was so strong and had such a kind heart. Like anybody, she made mistakes but you could see the good intentions behind them. This was a very delicate situation and she did her best to handle it with care. She hung on when I would have let go. She stuck by his side through the good and the bad. And there was a lot of bad.
And maybe what we had, for those few blissful months, had truly been beautiful. Crazy beautiful. Or maybe just crazy.

I have a lot of mixed feelings towards Clay. When you put all the problems aside, he was so sweet and totally swoon-worthy. You could feel how much he loved Maggie. And it wasn’t some crazy, out of control love. It was true, real, and deep.
On the other hand, everything felt so hopeless. There were times when even I would believe in the words he was saying. I wanted so much for everything to work out, for them to get their happily ever after. But I could see how everything was spiraling out of control and how everything was crumbling. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more hopeless. Ever.
But despite it all, I fell in love with Clay too.
The ending was devastating. It was going downhill fast and I was just sobbing from how hard it was to read. One thing came after another and it’s a wonder how I survived reading this.
... if he went into the dark again, this time I would be there to find him– to follow him.

The holes would close up. The ripping seams would come together. But I would never be as I was before. Before him. My crazy beautiful love.