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Games of the Heart - Kristen Ashley “I’m falling in love with you, Mike Haines.” As I spoke, with every word his arms got tighter and tighter and his face, already close, became a breath away.
“Angel, you’re already gone.”
I blinked and asked, “Sorry?”
“I read your diaries. I caught your pass in that hotel room. I listened to your offer to stay. I saw you wave good-bye at the airport and got your call before I’d pulled out of the parking lot. You fell with a kiss. I know, honey, because I was right there with you.”

I was SO excited for Mike's book to come out. He was such a great guy in the previous books and I wanted him to find his HEA. I was in no way disappointed.

Mike Haines and Dusty Holliday were to halves of a whole. He was her sister's boyfriend and she was just a young girl with a crush. Despite the circumstances, you knew they were meant to be together. Then, something went wrong and Dusty wasn't the happy-go-lucky girl she once was.
Tragedy strikes and now, years later, Dusty comes back to The 'Burg.

Dusty was awesome. She was smart, witty, had a huge heart, and was incredibly strong. When things had turned for the worst, she didn't let it drag her down. She always found a way to move on.

Mike was as close to perfection as it gets. He was sexy alpha-male but also a great dad. He had a close connection to both his son and daughter and it was heart-melting. And for being such a good guy, Mike was also dirty. Though, it was dirty in all the right ways.
Like any man, however, he did have some major screw-ups. It wasn't anything that was irredeemable,obviously, but I was a little peeved.


But he did know how to make a good apology, so he was forgiven.


Games of the Heart had the perfect combination of tear-jerking, heart-warming, and laugh-out-loud moments.

“Jesus, holy fuck,” Rivera murmured, coming to a quick halt and looking up at the tall, hulking, tattoo-sleeved Ryker. “Boy, what’d your Mama feed you growin’ up?” he asked.
“Newborn babies,” Ryker answered, scowling down at Rivera.”

"How many of them were there?"
He grinned and replied, "You don't wanna know."
"Oh yes, yes I do. I need a detailed list with addresses and phone numbers so I can personally thank each one of them for topping up your experience so I get the ultimate one every time."

I also LOVED that this was like a two-in-one book. We get treated to the story of Mike's daughter and Dusty's nephew falling in love. It wasn't even a little taste, we got the whole shebang, plus a wedding. You felt for them just as much as you do Dusty and Mike.

"I told that kid his girlfriend wasn't made of the finest porcelain, he'd call me a liar but that would be after he'd punched me in the face and spit at me. Sun rises and sets for him in her, Mike.