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“Fetishes… they’re the pet you feed or the beast that eats you.”
How to even find the words to do this series justice?
Raw, dark and real, The Original Sinners is a must read for everyone. Tiffany Reisz draws you in with her captivating story, complex characters and out-of-the-blue turns.
“My confession begins,” Father S said, “as the confessions of many men begin– with three words.”
“Father, forgive me?” Michael hazarded a guess.
“I met Eleanor.”

The Angel picks up about a year after Nora makes the decision to go back to Søren. It’s been a blissful year for her, but with Søren being made one of the contenders to become bishop, she must go away and keep a low profile. However, she won’t be alone. Michael “The Angel” will be joining her and staying at Griffin’s mansion.
Once Suzanne Kanter gets an anonymous tip to look into a priest, old memories come to haunt her and she knows she’ll do everything she can to crucify Father Stearns (no pun intended). And she’ll be damned if anything like what happened to her brother happens again.
I’m always afraid to start these books. I know that I’m going to be put through the emotional shredder and have one hell of a book hangover. But what I love about this series is that it puts you through hell and makes you enjoy every second of it. It’s rough and raw but there’s always a certain lightheartedness to the story.
There are books that you love and you rave about, but after a while you forget certain details or all the feelings you felt while you were reading it begin to dull. This is not the case with The Original Sinners. I can still feel all the love, surprise, heartache… everything. And I know I always will.

The characters are so complex that you can’t help wanting to know more and getting emotionally invested. Just when you think you’ve solved the mystery that is Nora or Søren, you get slammed in the face with something new.
“Why did you leave him?”
“Winter,” she finally said, “can be so beautiful and so cruel. Cruel and cold. And if you live in the presence of winter you never have summer.”

Nora is as wonderful as ever. It’s truly a joy reading about her. She has so much pain but still manages to keep me smiling.
Michael and Griffin were great additions to the book. They had a beautiful relationship and you can’t help but me moved by it.
“I want to own you" Griffin whispered into Michael's ear. Michael smiled and for the first time in his life knew exactly what to say and how to say it. "You already do.”
Søren is as much as an enigma as ever. I don’t think I’ll ever solve the puzzle that is Søren, and with some of the secrets that came out in The Angel I’m not sure I want to.
Scar tissue, she’d once read, was the strongest of all tissue. Maybe Søren’s heart was so strong because it was so scarred.
But I still love him. Forget Wesley, Søren is mine.
Mwahahahahahahahahahaha nobody else can have him.
Except, maybe, Nora… maybe.

I didn’t really like Suzanne but I’m biased. As Nora said, why couldn’t she have been ugly? I’m just hoping she doesn’t make a reappearance.
Father Stearns and Nora Sutherlin had something, a connection, an intimacy… something deep and unexplainable, something untouchable, unreachable.
In short, if you haven’t read this yet then get started!
“You still love him, don’t you?”
“Many waters…”
“I never saw you cry over him, that year you were here. Not one tear.”
“Some hurts are too deep for tears.”

Michael "The Angel"


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