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Dream of the Serpent by Alan Ryker

Burning Burning Burning Burning

. .

... I knew for certain that wherever I went, the flames would follow.

That was a little bit creepy, a whole lot disturbing and just so... mind blowing, it was a race to turn the pages faster. Cody Miller has hit the jackpot in life. He's on his way to getting an MBA, a job most would have to work years for and the girl everyone wants. Cody has it all until one accident takes everything away from him. When he emerges from his coma, Cody struggles to get back on track and he knows that it all won't be the same, he will never be the same. And as he trudges on, he discovers there's more going on than he first thought.

We're all pieces on this board, but I seem to be the only one who notices that we're going in circles, that the world is not the logical place we think it is.

Dream of the Serpent is one of the most horrifyingly descriptive stories I've ever had the pleasure of reading. Part of me wanted to turn away but my eyes wouldn't cooperate. They weren't going to look anywhere but at the book. Very detailed descriptions usually tend to bore me but I was riveted. There was not a single word that I missed. It's terrifying but spellbinding at the same time.


Cody Miller

There was an all out war being fought inside my body, except that the enemy was my body.

I would never ever want to trade places with Cody. The way his accident was described left me traumatized. I can't say that I liked Cody but I certainly didn't hate him. It was difficult to see how drastically he changed. How one mistake remolded him. It's scary to think how far people will go to find the truth.


The Story

I would have liked the beginning to be a tad bit shorter. I wasn't bored but I knew that there was some action waiting in the wings and I wanted it to start! However, once you hit around the 40% mark it was all out fuckery. I didn't even want to blink just in case I would miss something.


All in all, this was an awesome read that I definitely recommend reading. Especially those who love horror & fantasy.

*A copy of this book was generously provided in exchange for an honest review*

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