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Try by Ella Frank


"Straight, huh? You know, funny thing is, often the straightest of trees have crooked roots."


For all who haven’t picked this up yet…


Holy shit-on-a-stick. That. Was. Amazing. This was my first time reading a m/m romance and I can tell you it won’t be my last.


"So... I like to try a little bit of everything and everyone. I'd like to try you."

Logan is sex. Women and men are more than willing to fall into his bed and they always leave happy. So when Logan meets Tate, he knows he has to have him. Tate just got out of a life-sucking, four year marriage and he’s finally free to do as he pleases. But now he has a persistent Logan after him and he’s not sure how much longer he can tell this devastatingly handsome stranger no. And Logan is not taking no for an answer.




"I'm only inappropriate when I'm sober."

I lived to see what would come out of Logan’s mouth next. The things he would say…. it had me laughing and fanning myself all at the same time. He was sexy, confident and just exuded sex. I was practically chocking on it. He was so fun and flirtatious but I really wanted him to find someone that he could turn all that attention to, instead of spreading it all around. So when Tate finally came along, I was like a proud mother watching someone snag my dear Logan’s heart.




"...if you try, you better be ready to...take.”

I have a soft spot for Tate. He was more of the awkward and outwardly vulnerable one. I sympathized with his situation and his feelings of uncertainty. One thing I really loved was that once he was able to admit to himself that he had sexual feelings for Logan, he didn’t instantly jump into bed with him. He made sure they had an emotional connection before he would give himself up. Once he was able to gain his footing and confidence in himself… Logan’s arrogant sexiness had nothing on Tate's.



I was a little worried while reading Part One because I was getting a lot sexy-time and not enough of an emotional connection. Things were hot, no doubt about it. I mean, hell could run solely on the heat these two were giving off but I’m greedy and I wanted more. But, have no fear, they do begin to form a connection that goes beyond physical. It’s a slow buildup but made it seem that much more organic. I’ve always been a fan of Ella Frank, and her Exquisite series was good, but for me, this was the best she’s ever written. The writing flowed perfectly, the characters were real and believable and the dialogue was witty and humorous.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself.


“So...what's your truth, Logan?" Logan stared at him so intently that Tate wondered what was going on inside his head before he replied,"I think you are."