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Rock Chick Revolution

Rock Chick Revolution - Kristen Ashley What. the. hell. was. that?

Me before reading:

Me after reading:

I've always been a huge fan of KA but Rock Chick Revolution was not for me. At all.

Ally was as annoying as they come. She thought she was indestructible.

She loves to be in everybody's business but once someone tries to help her she shuts down. Like, really? It can't be a one-way street.
Ren... I don't even know how you were able to put up with her. I couldn't finish. Not even REN could make me finish. If it was me Ally was tossing back in forth and acting like a complete bitch to, I would have just said this:

Alas, it wasn't me, though.

After all those frustrations I couldn't even enjoy the writing or any of the other characters. I was just so done with this book, everything else could have been superb and I wouldn't have finished.

A sad, disappointing one star read for me.

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