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Rock Chick Regret (Volume 7)

Rock Chick Regret  - Kristen Ashley I absolutely ADORED this book! It was funny, suspenseful, and the romance was off the charts!
I'm devastated that there is only one Rock Chick book left.

Sadie Townsend, the daughter of a drug lord (that is now in prison), finally has a chance to start her life. Getting raped was definitely not part of the plan and this is where the sexy Hector Chavez comes in. After a onetime fling that didn't end well, Hector's back and ready to claim his woman. Insert some kidnappings, handcuffs and stun guns and you got a Rock Chick #7.

Sadie a.k.a "The Ice Princess" was a fabulous heroine. She was funny and (once the Real Sadie came out) kind-hearted. I loved that she was independent and in the end, she took matters into her own hands and depend on anybody to rescue. Sadie also didn't take crap from anybody.

"You were just a beautiful woman. Now your my beautiful woman. What you got under your clothes is for me. No one else. They don't look. They don't touch. That's the deal. Yeah? Now go put on a tank top."

"Maybe I should go put on my ragged white dress and stone necklace and you could put on your leopard skin tunic and we can pedal in our stone car to the roadhouse before you go bowling with Barney and I go shopping with Betty, Fred."


Now how to describe Hector Chavez.

He was soft and hard, laidback and intense, and totally swoon-worthy.

Hector was really considerate about Sadie's situation and let their relationship unfold on its own. He went easy on her, but at the same time never treated her like she might break at any moment.

"Now, I'm gonna kiss you, because, mamita, the way you look right now, I gotta fuckin' kiss you.
You all right that?" he asked quietly, eyes looking into mine.

Oh, and nothing beats those spanish endearments.

"So, have you gotten a 'mi amor' yet?" Indy asked.
"No, I've had a 'mi corazón'."
"Oo, a 'mi corazón'."
"What's this?" Ally asked.
"Spanish endearments, Sadie's graduated from a 'mamita' to 'mi corazón'."

And I just have to say, Ralphie is one of the best gay best friends ever.

"Okay kids", Ralphie said, trailing me. "Don't be too late. Don't do any drugs, drive smart and even if all the other kids are doing it, think twice. If you're going to be over your curfew then make sure you call your Daddies or we'll get worried."

The book was beautifully written and once Hector and Sadie became completely devoted to each other, it was spectacular.

" There she is," he whispered.
"My Sadie."