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For You (The 'Burg Series)

For You - Kristen Ashley Each KA book I read gets better and better. For You kept me on my toes throughout the whole story.

Everybody knew that February Owens and Alexander Colton were always meant to be together. Yet, something went wrong and Feb ended things. Now, decades later, she finds herself needing his help to stop a serial killer.

I just have to start off by saying that the murderer was so incredibly creepy. The things he would do or say was just... eww. I was thoroughly grossed out.


I loved Feb. She was strong-willed, independent, and owned up to the mistakes she made. Even when the serial killer was after her she was strong and kept her wits. I liked that when things started heating up with Colt, she didn't live in a cloud of denial. She knew what was happening and was along for the ride.

Alexander Colton was such a swoon-worthy alpha-male. At first, I liked him but didn't really love him. However, as the story progressed, I did start to connect to him. The alternating point-of-views helped as well. It was great that we got to see how he felt about everything that was going on.

We also get a look into Colt's life and how the Owen's played a part in it. I loved how easy he was around Feb's family and treated them like they were his own.

And just like everyone of KA's alpha-males, there was no beating around the bush. She was moved in by day four.

We’d been back together for four days. I thought that was pretty much the definition of ‘too soon’. Then again, we’d known each other for thirty-nine years and that was undeniably the definition of ‘about fucking time'

When things did start to heat up between Feb and Colt... things really did heat up. They weren't wasting any more time and just jumped right into it.

“Okay, is it me, or is anyone else having a problem with deciding whether to have a heart attack or an orgasm?” Meems asked.
“Orgasm,” Jessie said instantly.
“Yep, same here,” Dee put in.”

All hotness aside, you could feel how much they pain they went through and how much they really still loved each other.

“Like it right now or not, Feb, couple days ago, you gave yourself back to me. You think I’m lettin’ that go, think again because, baby, you’re fucking wrong.”

When the secret of why Feb broke things off with Colt is out it was so unexpected I was like:


Of course, everything has a way of working out in the end so I wasn't too worried.

And the ending was spectacular. I was smiling and laughing the whole time. There was a perfect HEA.


And just as a side note, Graham Reece is introduced in For You and I just can't wait 'till he gets his own book. He didn't show up that many times here but every time he did I fell a little more in love with him.