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The Education of Sebastian (The Education of..., #1) - Jane Harvey-Berrick When I hear her voice, the world disappears
When I hear her voice, I have no more fears.
She takes away the sadness, she takes away the pain
She takes away the darkness, she takes away the rain.
When I'm traveling from so far away
She's my path, she's my sun, she lights my way.


I guess it's review time since this is as processed as my thoughts are gonna get.

Thirty year-old, Caroline is trapped in a loveless marriage. When her husband gets a promotion and has to move back to San Diego, she has no choice but to follow. This is where she sees Sebastian again, only he's seventeen years-old and nearly a man.
With an abusive father and a drunk mother, Sebastian's never had an easy life. When Caroline moves back, he can't help but try to rekindle there easy friendship, but soon that turns into more.

I'm just gonna address the whole age thing. Yes, they are thirteen years apart and yes, they did break the law, but it was not a problem for me at all. Usually, I don't like the whole underage thing, but you knew they were perfect for each other. He was much more mature for his age because of how his parents are but he still wasn't a full blown man. There were times where his age an inexperience stood out. At first it made me a little uncomfortable, but I quickly go over it.
I even started to like it a little, seeing how well he blossomed with a little direction.


On that note, I'm also not someone who likes stories about affairs. But you just knew there was nobody else in the world for them.

I knew it was wrong: I knew it was right.

And I did not feel an ounce of remorse for David, her husband. What an a**hole!

I walked upstairs and found him already under the sheets, his dirty clothes scattered on my side of the bed.


He completely repulsed me too. I didn't feel anything for him: sympathy, remorse, heck even pity was to good for him.
I could understand why Caroline had put up with him. She wanted the security. However, I wish she would have fought back a little, even if it was something insignificant.

I was a shadow.

She did start to break free later on, but eleven years of David...


Sebastian was perfect. He was just soo sweet and kind. Even being so young, he knew the proper way to treat someone. And with the way his parents were, it was a wonder how he turned out so great.

He was cursed with sensitivity, and with his bitch of a mom and his monster of a dad, he was damned twice.

I loved how open and vulnerable he was. He was so easy to fall in love with. I just wanted to go into the book and take all his pain away.

And the ending...



Once I hit the last chapter, I knew it was all gonna come crashing down. I would read a few paragraphs, put the book down and try to get the courage to finish reading (repeat cycle a few hundred times). The whole thing was one giant mess. It didn't even ease into devastation no, all the bad stuff that could possibly happen, happened one after the other. I was just tearing my hair out at that point.
The only thing that kept me together was the knowledge that there's a book two.

"You're the only woman I've ever loved: it's always been you."