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Never Too Far - Abbi Glines You don't have to be alone anymore. I need you.

This was another stunning book from Abbi Glines. I was so desperate for this to come out. And those excerpts... all they did was feed my desperation.

After that earth-shattering cliffhanger that left us reeling, we find ourselves with Blaire in Sumit, Alabama. Lost and broken, Blaire's just trying to get by and find a way to move on. But, when something happens, her only choice is to go back to Rosemary.
Rush is a shell of a man he once was, but now that Blaire is back in town, he will do anything to get her back.

I'd chase her down. I'd get on my knees and grovel. I'd be her damn shadow until she gave in and forgave me.

I loved how easily I was able to fall back into the story. Usually takes me a little time to get into it, but with Never Too Far.

Why can't all book characters be as reasonable as Blaire? I never felt that she blew things out of proportion. She made rational decisions and even when she made mistakes, they were understandable. I slipped right in. Never did she annoy me and I never got the feeling she was being cruel. I could even go as far as saying that maybe she's a little too nice. With everything going on, she was still the same old Blaire, always stubborn and independent.

"I've forgiven him, Grant. I just can't forget. What we were or what we were headed towards is over. It will never be again. I can't let it. My heart won't allow me to."

Speaking of Grant, I really didn't like him in this book. He suddenly has this connection with Nan. Like, did I blackout over a whole chapter? Where did this come from?


And, although I understand Nan better and can sorta understand where she's coming from, she's still a bitch. I mean, Blaire didn't have it easy either, but did she turn into a shebitchfromhell?



Anyways, moving back to the review before this turns into a rant about how much I really don't like Nan...

Rush did everything to get Blaire back. He was beyond desperate. Begging, pleading, groveling... he just through pride out the window and made sure he was going to win her over.

"What if she did come back? What will you do?" Grant asked me.
What would I do?
I'd beg.

That doesn't mean that he became the model boyfriend and was a saint from there on out. He had some major screw ups. Ones that made me want to reach into his mind and see if he was, by chance, gifted with common sense.


But he's Rush so I couldn't stay mad at him for long, especially when I saw his side.

No. One. Comes. Before. You.

"I'll be whatever you allow me to be, Blaire. Just don't shut me out again. Please."

It helped that you knew just how much he loved her. Blaire was it for him and nothing was gonna change that.

"I will do anything. Anything, Blaire, just to be near you. I can't think about anything else. I can't focus on anything."

The story was perfect. I didn't feel that Blaire held on to her grudge for too little or too long. She was resilient and flexible in all the right things. Her insecurities were justifiable and never overly dramatic.

My only complaint was the ending. There was a HEA and I really did like it, but for some reason I just wanted a little bit more. There were no loose ends or anything but it wasn't the perfect ending I was expecting.

"Trust me to protect you and put you first."

"I love you, Blaire. I love you so damn much it hurts."


***And just as a side note: Woods is amazing. If Rush wasn't it for Blaire then I would have been rooting for Woods.