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Red Fox - Karina Halle And the romance has begun!


I’m really happy that I decided to keep reading because the Experiment in Terror series keeps getting better and better.

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Dex and Perry head off to Red Fox, New Mexico where they try to help a Navajo couple with what they think is a poltergeist.
The longer they stay there, the more it seems like there’s something going on. But with everything shrouded in mystery, Perry and Dex have to dig deep to figure out what’s being hidden. There just happens to be the tiny inconvenience that it may cost them their lives.

I really like the storyline of Red Fox. I thought it was going to go one way, and ended up veering in a completely different direction. Aside from this being a horror story, there was also a lot of mystery, which I loved.
And unlike the first book, this one held my attention from the first page.

I LOVE YOU DEX! He’s just so different from most of the characters I’ve read in other books. It’s impossible not to love him and his quirks.

Perry was just as great and witty as she was in book one. I love seeing everything through her eyes. She’s just all around an amazing character.

Despite this being a paranormal- type story, I found it extremely realistic. I never felt like I was entering some alternate universe. It was like everything was happening right here. Which added to the horror of it all.
I never felt that Red Fox scary, it was just beyond creepy. There were quite a few chilling scenes.

With the relationship between Dex and Perry, there’s a perfect balance of humor, intensity, and sexual tension. I don’t want to give anything away but when they had to fake being married I was having a field day! It was incredibly fun to read.

The romance does start to heat up, but they also develop a connection on a deeper level. You can see how easy it is for them to be together and what a great team they make.

“Dex,” I whispered.
“Mmmm?” he grunted.
“I hope you never stop feeling alive.”
I could have sworn his heart skipped a few beats. He tensed. Then relaxed.
“As long as you’re around,” he said softly, “I’ll be alive.”

“I was hoping you’d come out and get me." I put my hands on my hips and cocked my head, pondering that revelation. "Well," I said, feeling truthful. "I’m always going to come and get you.”

Red Fox was an captivating and entertaining read!