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Lying Season - Karina Halle WHAT KIND OF AN ENDING WAS THAT?!

I am broken. Completely and utterly devastated.

*Breathes in, breathes out*
Okay, I can do this...

You’d think that with everything Perry has faced, nothing would faze her. But Perry and Dex’s next assignment is at a mental hospital in Seattle. This wouldn’t be so bad except for the slight problem that Perry is going to have to bunk with Dex and his girlfriend, Jennifer.
As if that wasn’t enough, old demons are coming back to haunt Perry and Dex and unless Perry wants to lose everything she loves, she’s going to have to unbury hidden secrets.

I loved how despite all the drama that was happening in Perry and Dex’s life, I never felt that it dominated the story. It was a huge part of it, but we also got some breaks and were able to focus on horror part of the story.
I didn’t feel that this one was as scary as Dead Sky Morning but it had some moments where it did scare me.

So you can only imagine what a wonderful idea it was to stay with Dex and Jenn. Seeing them in all their couple glory was heart breaking. On the outside, they looked and sounded so perfect (even to me). But when I got under the surface of things and noticed how wrong everything actually was, I was cackling with glee.

As for Jenn, not only did I hate her because she was with Dex (which I admit wasn’t really fair), I also hated her because she was pretty much a bitch. In the beginning, I thought she was alright but then she’d do or say something and I’d be like:

Later on she gave up trying to hide bitchiness and just let it all loose. That’s when I really started to hate her. Sometimes she would feel jealous and territorial of Dex and other times, she would barely look at him. It was like she was two different people, one second she was practically pissing on Dex to mark what’s hers and the next she didn’t give him a second thought. Jenn was, to sum it up, a raging bitch.

I don’t think anything could make me dislike Perry. She’s witty and a bit outlandish but once you keep reading you see that she has depth. There’s so much to her and throughout everything, her mistakes and her past, she’s always been so strong. Perry’s been in some tough situations and has had to make difficult decisions, and even when I didn’t agree with some of the things she did, I always respected and admired her.

This pretty much sums up how I feel about him:

"Dex has a heart. I just don't think he knows how to use it."

Now to the part I’ve been itching to rant about…
What the hell was that? I was so happy, think everything was finally going the way it was meant to be. I mean, with all this perfection so close to the end of the book, what could go wrong?
The right question would have been what else is going to go wrong?
I just feel like crying and marinating in my sadness.