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Old Blood - Karina Halle I died with an aching heart for the things I suffered through and the things I loved. In the end it’s all the same.
In the end.


After reading this I just want to crawl under a rock and wallow in my sorrow. I practically had to force myself to finish this book.

Old Blood is a short novella where we get a look at the life Pippa (creepy clown lady) led.
This is not a happily ever after type of story. This is a story about loss and heartbreak.

I don’t think there was a moment in the whole book where I didn’t want to cry. Old Blood was completely realistic in the sense that not everybody gets a happily ever after. Not everybody goes through struggles and comes out the other side unscathed. Some things she even brought upon herself but we all make mistakes and, although I could feel the pain she inflicted on others with her actions, I really couldn’t find it in myself to judge her.

Karina Halle did an amazing job at making me connect to the story. I really felt for Pippa. No matter what she did it seemed life couldn’t give her a break.
I was even able to better understand Dex more. Reading about some of the things Dex went through, a young boy just looking for love and attention, really pulled at my heart.

I had to keep trying.
I’m still trying.

For those reading the EIT series, I recommend picking up Old Blood. It gives you a better understanding of all the paranormal related topics in EIT and sheds some light on Dex's past.