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Play It Safe - Kristen Ashley

This has made it into my top 5 favorite KA books. Maybe even my top 3.


No connections. Play it safe.
That's what Ivey lives by. You get what you need and move on. She’s been on the run since she was twelve and the only family she has is her brother, Casey.
Then she hits Mustang, where everything she has ever wanted presents itself. She can’t get enough of the people, the atmosphere and most of all, Grayson Cody.

… if I could connect, if I could let go, if I could take a risk, I’d do it with him. In all my wandering, all I’d seen, all the people I’d met, he would be the one I’d smile at and do it without a guard up.
He be the one I’d want to smile back at me.

They were it for each other, but when someone goes out of their way to tear them apart, their time together comes to an end.
Years later, they are both leading separate lives, so it’s a surprise when she gets a call and learns that Gray is in some trouble.
When they learn about the betrayal, they are determined to be together once and for all. But they aren’t out of danger yet, because someone is still waiting to take everything away from Gray.

I don’t even know how to start explaining my love for this book. From the plot, to the characters and the romance, I just ate it all up. There wasn’t a single word I skipped over.

Ivey was a great character. I loved how real she was. She wasn’t made out to be some perfect character. She had her flaws and made mistakes, but she made up for it and moved on. And when she went to help Gray out even though she believed that he broke her heart said a lot about who she was.

Gray was a incredible. I was swooning at every other word that came out of his mouth.

“I know somethin’ led to you that life but I look at you, nothin’ hard about you, not your attitude, not your mouth, not your eyes, nothin’. Whatever led you to that life wasn’t good but you didn’t let it make you hard. There’ll come a time when you’ll give that to me. And you take your time, Ivey, I’ll wait.”

They were perfect together. They communicated, and had a balanced and healthy relationship. And there was some major steam.

As for the epilogue, I don’t think KA could have finished the story off any better. I highly recommend reading Play It Safe.