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Lana - R.K. Lilley This is paradise. You took my paradise with you when you left, Lana,” he rasped into my ear.

I was so excited when I saw that Lana was getting a novella and I was not disappointed.

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“I’d be happy if you wanted anything from me, anything at all. It’s always been that way, Akira. You must know there’s nothing I wouldn’t do just to make you smile.”

Ever since she could remember, Lana has loved Akira. So, the second Lana turned eighteen, she seduced him. After their night together, Lana learns that all he feels for her is brotherly love and she’s just “a family friend with an inconvenient infatuation”.
That’s the last time she sees of him for eight years.
Now back for business, Lana’s in Maui and ready to leave the second everything is settled, but a run in with Akira leads to a slight change in itinerary.

Lana finally gets her happily ever after! I loved her in the Up In The Air series and knew she couldn’t live a life of heartache. I was desperate for their and Akira to settle her differences.

Lana was completely different than I thought she was going to be. One second she was the normal, sweet and heartbroken girl, but the second she comes into contact with Akira and opens her mouth…


Back up. Did that seriously just come out of her mouth? I swear, the whole time I was reading the chapter where they revisit her eighteenth birthday, I was cringing. It was that bad.


As for Akira, at first I didn’t like him much but that was more because I didn’t know him than anything else. I remember thinking that after what happened, maybe Akira wasn’t for her. But the further I read, the more I understood that there was no one else for Lana. It was either Akira or no one, and I soon noticed that Akira felt exactly the same way.

“Don’t leave us again, Lana,” he whispered roughly. “Don’t leave me. Stay. Please.

They shared something special and witnessing their bond only further convinced me that they were right for each other.

“I love you,” I said breathlessly, as he pushed himself inside of me.
“Good,” he murmured roughly, “because I’m keeping you forever.”