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Beautiful Stranger - Christina Lauren 3.5 stars
“Everything between us always seemed so easy for you.”
“It was easy. Falling in love with you was really fucking easy.”

The writing was engaging, the story had purpose, the characters were likeable and Beautiful Stranger was, overall, a nice and easy read.

Sara Dillion moves to New York City after escaping from her cheating ex-fiancé and is more than ready for some no-strings fun.
I was ready to start over as a comet: refuel, ignite, and burn across the sky.
So luck is definitely on her side when she runs into the delectable Brit at a dance club.
Max Stella is known as a ladies man. With the looks, the charm, and that accent, who can resist him? Yet, he’s never found a woman worth keeping around. But when he meets Sara and they begins to explore her voyeuristic side, he finds that she may be the one he’s been waiting for…
I loved how easy it was to read and fall into the story.

The romance between Max and Sara is excruciatingly slow. Of course, the physical part of their relationship was never a problem, but at times, I wanted more of an emotional connection. They tried to fight their feelings for each other, thinking it was only about the sex, but what a lie!
“Women don’t always want to be treated like we’re delicate, or rare, or somehow more precious. We want to be wanted. We want sex to be just as raw as you do. You’re the guy who knows that.”
“Buy why do I feel like you’re the one giving me something special? Something you’ve never given anyone before?”
“Because I am.”

The sex was okay. There were some good moments, but when you compare it Beautiful Bastard, it’s a bit… lackluster.
Towards the end you get more of a connection and that was a nice change. They were well matched and with their guards down, you could see they fit together.
It was familiar type attention, the kind I’d received for years. But this time it was real. What I’d found with Max wasn’t about opinion polls and public perception. For the first time in my life, what happened behind closed doors was ten times better than what others saw from the outside looking in.
During the story, we even got more Chloe and Bennett time. I loved seeing how they were doing after the HEA in Beautiful Bastard.
Overall, this was fun, sexy read.