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Safe Word - Teresa Mummert
“Do you love me?”
“My love for you is the only thing I’ve ever been sure of.”

This was one hell of a read.
image “Colt. Like a horse?”
“Like the gun, sweetheart.”

Colt Bishop’s life has been on a downwards spiral for as long as he can remember. There was once hope for a better life, but she quickly left him like the rest did. Now, he kidnaps rich woman in hopes for a nice payday. Those, however, are minor details when he has the big picture in mind.
That all gets blown to pieces when he comes face to face with his past at a bar.

As much as I liked this story– and I really did– I really had no idea what Safe Word was about when I started it. Emphasis on the NO IDEA. So when all the kidnapping and twisted stuff started happening, it was all like a slap in the face.
… I’ve been straddling the line of good and evil for too long.
I was a little lost on what to feel about Cole. Sometimes I felt for him, other times he needed a good kick to the balls. My emotions were all over the place. Beneath all his armor, I really felt that there was a good guy buried deep in him. Even when he going through one of his rages, it stemmed from hurt rather than anger.
I didn’t want to deal with the pain; I wanted to fucking drown in it– kill off any part of my heart that still beat for her.
I loved how the story was told completely in Colt’s POV. It went a long way in helping me better understand him. I don’t think the story would have had as much effect if it was in Lily’s POV.
Safe Word is like a water down version of [b:Captive in the Dark|12513614|Captive in the Dark (The Dark Duet, #1)|C.J. Roberts|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1315343569s/12513614.jpg|17499464]. It was still very raw, but didn’t over do it.

Lily was likeable but there were times when I was a little irritated with her. I never really felt that she had the same unconditional, undying love that Colt felt towards her.
They way she looked at me it was just… different. She didn’t see the worthless criminal everyone else saw, even though that was exactly who I was.
Their relationship could be raw and ugly, but beneath all that they had something beautiful and powerful.
They really struggled and their love was put to the test on more than one occasion. They came out strong and that solidified them even more.

In the end, this was powerful, second chance love story that’ll have you captivated.
We rode toward the unknown, not caring what the future held for us as long as we faced it together. If another storm approached us, we would be each other’s shelter.