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Entwined with You - Sylvia Day Let me start off by saying I have loved all the other Crossfire books, but I just couldn't finish this one.
I debated whether I was going to rate Entwined with You and I decided not to because it really wouldn't be fair to rate something I only read only half of.

My thoughts:

I still love him. He was the same sexy, intense, passionate man we got in the other Crossfire books. I felt his love for Eva and how dedicated he was to creating a life with her. I mean, killing someone for Eva. It doesn't get any more dedicated than that.

In the previous books I've liked Eva. She's not my favorite heroine, but by far not the worst. In Entwined with You, I wasn't able to connect with her at all. I was constantly annoyed with her.
Gideon changed a lot of himself to be with Eva but I don't feel that she would to the same.
She also had no spine, as evidenced with the whole Brett fiasco, and picked petty fights with anybody she could.

The story:
Two words: No life.
When I read something I want to enraptured with the story. I want to have to fight with myself to put it down and spend my whole day looking forward to the moment I can pick it up again.
I didn't feel any of that. I had to force myself to sit down and pick up my book.
Entwined with You was lifeless. Nothing was happening except for sex, which was a bore after a while.
Sex with Gideon. A bore.
I know those things should never go in a sentence together but, honestly, as hot as the sex was, it was too much. It would have been great if there was a story to go with it but I there wasn't anything.

And now there are two more books. Why?

Anyways, I personally don't recommend reading Entwined with You, but I would give it a try if your still interested.


It's here!
It's been so long...
*sigh* Reunited with Gideon ♥