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I did not expect to like this book as much as I did.

Lori is a romance author with a good life but lonely life. There's just something that is always holding her back, her virginity. Finally at age twenty-six she decides it's enough and makes plans to rid herself of this problem.
Enter the sexy male escort, Ander.
But once isn't enough and she soon becomes a regular customer. As professional as they both want to keep it, the heart soon starts to follow.

I started Escorted based on the fact that I loved [b:Damaged Goods|11520968|Damaged Goods|Lauren Gallagher|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1307408122s/11520968.jpg|16457981]. The two books are completely different, but not in a bad way.

I loved Lori's personality. The way she would handle things or make comments really made me like her. I also liked that she wasn't trying to fool herself. She was, understandably, self-conscious about her lack of experience. But even being self-conscious, she didn't want what they were doing to be sugarcoated. She was paying him to have sex and didn't want him to fake sweeping her off her feet.

Ander... well we all know he was sex on a stick.


Escorted was also really detailed. It goes into his life as an escort and what being one entails.

When their relationship moved past the whole client thing, we learned more about both of them. Lori had been badly burned by years of unrequited love and Ander had some family issues.

“I guess I keep waiting for someone to choose me, to want me, over all the other women he could have.”

"I can never seem to hate him enough."

Things do get complicated and like any woman, she started to really hate his job and all his other clients. It was never easy hearing or seeing all the other ladies who paid to have him.


If your looking for romance right from the beginning, your not gonna get it. Escorted was extremely realistic, which is what made me like it so much. Things developed slowly. Nothing was rushed and there wasn't a sudden declaration of feelings. Everything was subtle.

The tension wasn't just arousal. Wasn't lust or impatience. It was emotion.

All in all, it was a wonderful read! I highly recommend it.