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Dead Sky Morning (Experiment in Terror) - Karina Halle 5 ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING STARS!

Now that their show is becoming a hit, Dex and Perry continue their adventure. What better place to film their next episode than The Island of the Dead.
When Perry starts to see things Dex can't, everything starts to unravel. They're beginning to turn on each other and, without trust, they'll never be able to make it back.

I have never been more afraid and creeped out in my life. Your so engrossed into the story that you feel everything as if you were there. Usually, I don't really get into horror stories. In the other Experiment in Terror books, I was captivated but not scared. In Dead Sky Morning, I was impressed with how afraid and horrified I was. All the little details Karina Halle adds to the story made it even more suspenseful and terrifying.

Usually, it's outside forces that try to tear Dex and Perry apart but this time, it was by their own doing. It was tough to see them sabotaging themselves. You think they've moved two steps ahead but then they take ten back.
Sometimes it seemed like a relationship would be hopeless. But there were also times when you knew that they weren't meant to be apart.

"Now, without anymore jerking off from you, I suggest you get packing as fast as you can. I'll help. Where are your bras and underwear?"


And then there were times when Dex could be annoying.

"Do you mind getting me a venti dark roast. Black? We'll be right out there somewhere."
Before I had a chance to object, Dex and Bill turned and headed out of Starbucks.
He didn't even give me money.

Like, how about I just pour it down your pants? Then maybe you can get your own damn stuff. Ugh, men.

But, I still love him.
We even get to learn more about him and his past. Not enough where all questions are answered, but enough where we're even more intrigued.
Perry also sheds some light on her past. It was really shocking, but it helps me better understand her and see her in a different light.

The banter between them keeps getting better and better. I love reading scenes where they're just battling back and forth. You can see how comfortable and easy they are when spending time together.

He wagged his finger at me. "See, there you go, all flirting with me again."
"Don't flatter yourself."
"Why should I when I have you to do it for me?"

But just when I think things are finally gonna be more...


the hope inside me crumbles.
Don't get me wrong, I love how slowly their growing into their feelings but... what am I say, just put them together already! I swear, all the sexual tension is gonna rip me in two.

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