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On Demon Wings - Karina Halle Well… that was depressing.


Warning: Minor spoilers

I was really hurting for Perry. After everything she has gone through I was hoping that everything would, for once, work out for her. You could see how hard she was trying to pick up the pieces. You could feel how much she wanted to believe that she was fine. But she wasn’t…


After the heart breaking events in Seattle, Perry is back in Portland and trying to get a hold of her life.
But nothing’s going right.
Perry is just going through the motions of living, not feeling anything but her pain. And now things are starting to happen to her. She no longer feels like she’s in control of her body. She’s losing herself and doesn’t know what to do. And the one person who can help her is the very person she wants to kill…

It was so difficult to see Perry falling apart. Life’s always been rough but luckily Perry has a will of iron. Now, however, Perry is slowly losing the will to live and soon, it may not be her choice anymore. Everything around her was crumbling and Perry was all out of hope.
Even through the tough and scary stuff, Perry has always been strong and full character, but seeing how she was falling apart from the inside out was agonizing.

I was glad that she, at least, had someone she could talk to without fear of being committed. Ada was amazing. She was there for Perry in everything. Throughout all this pain and heartache it was nice to see she had one ray of light.

One thing that did not disappoint… this was scary as hell. Probably one of the scariest Experiment in Terror books for me, so far. I was constantly one the edge of my seat, not knowing what was going to happen. Some scenes scared the life right out of me… it was traumatizing.

Aside from Perry, Ada, and Dex (and some other small side characters) I hate everybody. I hate her parents, I hate Maximus, I hate Dr. Freedman. Everybody. I can understand that they don't see the same things Perry does and its all a little hard to comprehend but really... the stuff they did to her was just...


And then they'd say Oh we just want you to get well. We want to be happy. We care for you. Blah. Blah. And blah.


There were practically zero happy moments. Even when Dex came back into the picture, it was all shadowed by impending doom.
And although I love Dex, he hasn’t quite redeemed himself in my eyes. But he did get some brownie points:

“You still with your floozy girlfriend?” Ah, there is was. The elephant in the car…
He gave her an incredulous look. “Obviously not.”
She smacked him on his arm. “Don’t look at me like I asked a stupid question. Because it not a stupid question at all, and you damn well know it.”
“So you broke up with her?”
“Yes,” he said sharply.
“Way to find your balls, man,” Ada congratulated him and sat back in her seat.”

Thank God Dex had the sense to kick her out because if not, I would have done it for him.


Even though On Demon Wings was a little depressing, it was a enthralling 5 star read.

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