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Edible (Exquisite, #3) - Ella Frank
Hot! Sizzling, scorching, set-you-on-fire hot.

I think that adequately descirbes Edible.

Prepare yourself.

Rachel’s parents have past away, her brother Mason has moved on with Lana, her friend Josh has moved on with Shelley, and Rachel has moved on with… no one.
Each day that passes, Rachel notices how lonely she really is and decides she needs a break from her family and find something, anything.
The moment Cole saw Rachel at Whipped, he knew he had to have her. He can’t stop craving the colorful-haired women and doesn’t try to.
Rachel does her best to avoid Cole but he wants her, and what he wants, he will have.

It took me a while to connect with the story. It was interesting and held my attention, but I wasn’t compelled to drop everything I needed to do so I could read. However, as Edible progressed, I slowly but surely fell in love with the characters and the story.

Rachel was a great character, but I wish I could have seen a bit more attitude from her. In the previous books she was more vibrant and alive that here, it felt like she was a bit… watered down.
But I still loved her. She was strong, independent and didn’t need to depend on anybody.
At any given moment, you have the power to say this is not how the story is going to end.


Cole was just… delicious. I would have loved to take a bite out of that *smirk*.

Patience of a saint. The mind of a sinner.

I loved that his character went beyond the sexy alpha-ness and had another caring and vulnerable side, too. He could instantly see through Rachel and knew how to handle her.
This women–with the loud hair and the even livelier clothes–was sad.

He also had a playful side that just melted my heart.
“I can’t ever imagine hating you, but if you get sick of me and decide next week that you want nothing to do with me–”
“Tell me, so I can change your mind.”


And there was a spectacular epilogue that left me grinning all day.
“You’re so much more than I ever expected. How did I not see that coming?” he asked, mystified.
Her lips tipped into a shy smile. “Because I was hiding,” she confessed.
“And now?”
“And now I want you to see me.”



When the f**k is July 9th getting here. Can the days go by any slower?!

And all those updates!

I just... I want to read about Cole and his hotness and the damn caramel scene.

Just 9 more days...