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Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren Wow. That was... HOT.


Chloe Mills has a great life. She's gorgeous, has a job she loves, and loyal friends. What's the only thing that mars this perfect life? Bennett Ryan, her boss.
Bennett is now back in Chicago to take his place in his family's business. With an undeniable attraction to Chloe he does everything he can to stay away.
"Despite the rumors, he’s never been one for a workplace hookup. But Chloe’s so tempting he’s willing to bend the rules—or outright smash rip them—if it means he can have her. All over the office."

And all over the office he did.

Chloe was incredibly independent. Before I started the book, I really didn't think Chloe was going to be able to hold her own against Bennet. How wrong I was. She knew just the way to handle Bennett. Instead of cowering, she met him head on and it was hilarious to read.

What's the point of having such a beautiful face when there's such a massive ass attached to it?

As for Bennett...
I hated him in the beginning.

3% into the story:

"Beautiful Bastard? How about Beautiful I Just Want To Kick You In The Face?


And it stayed that way for a while. That didn't hinder how sexy and delicious he was, however. He brought a whole new definition to HOT. I'm pretty sure I had to dowse a few stray flames. Of course, with all that going on, feeling were starting to get in the way.

“I was starting to see that this wasn't just sex, and it wasn't something just working out of my system. Sex was just the fastest route to the deeper possession that I needed. I was falling in love with her, and falling to fast and hard to easily find any footing.”

They were really trying to fight there feelings for each other, especially Bennett. While Chloe would try to fool herself into thinking she didn't love him, she knew she did. Bennett was spewing nonsense throughout the book to see if he could convince himself of what he was saying. That didn't wok, but it did really hurt Chloe and I loved that no matter how much he hurt her, she held it together and didn't let him see her tears.


Once they were able to face their feeling for each other an whole new set of problems came up for them. Hiding, sneaking, and lying was taking a toll on them. They knew they wanted to be together but didn't was to face the repercussions. It was hard getting there but, everything does work out wonderfully in the end.

"Do you know what I want to do?" I asked.
"What?" she answered, my eyes closing as her fingers ran through my hair.
"Take you to breakfast."
"Now why would you want to do that?" she asked. "Everything I want is right here in this bed."
I looked at her and smiled. "Because I want to take you to the most crowded street in all of Chicago," I began, bringing my fingers to my mouth and brushing my lips against them once more.
"And I want to hold your hand."

"The heart has its reasons," she said softly, "of which reason means nothing."