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Axel (Corps Security, #1) - Harper Sloan
I used to dream, and when I did, I dreamt big.


I had plans, plans of a future so bright it would blind you. I can still remember the day those dreams, those grand plans, and that bright as the sun future went poof.


I just didn’t know it at the time.

If I could put together all the major things I’ve ever liked in all the books I’ve read, you’d come out with Axel. There was steam, alpha-males left and right, angst, and a great ending.
For two years, Isabelle West has been trying to pull herself on track again. Isabelle knows she’ll never be the same, but maybe she could try living instead of surviving.
But fate’s not done screwing her over yet, and when a not yet ex-husband starts making problems, she knows she’s in need of help.
And then the unthinkable happens.
She sees Axel.

I want Axel back. I want us and out love back.

Isabelle was an… interesting character. I’m not sure if I like her, but I can definitely sympathize with her. Life has been cruel, and I mean cut her open and rub salt all over her wounds, cruel.
However, during the first half of the story, I was constantly irritated with her. She had people there ready to help and she was being extremely difficult. She was pushing them away and it gets to a point where, one day they’re going to go away and she’s going to be left alone.

I had a huge problem with Axel in the beginning, as well. Talk about a**hole alert.
He’d call her a cold hearted bitch, a coward, ect… and then say she was “his” and nobody else could have her.
What the hell? I swear, I was suffering from whiplash with all that back and forth from one minute to the next.
He did eventually get his crap together and redeem himself.

Isabelle and Axel had a lot of unresolved feelings for each other, and to be able to move on, they needed to get everything out. We get a few flashbacks of their life together and after that, I couldn’t help wanting them to be happy together. If anybody deserved some happiness, it’s these two.

Not one day went by Izzy that my heart didn’t belong to you.

Then, of course, there was Greg, Maddox, Beck… I could go on forever. They were amazing characters and I can’t wait for their stories.
Even with these super alpha males, only one held my heart the whole time and that was Sway. I just loved him. He was like the light in all this effed up darkness.

“That is Sway.”
“I don’t know if I should laugh or run.” He laughs.
“I would run, you big beautiful hunk.” Sway yells over my laughter. “Oh my lawd, I would run. In fact, take that shirt off when you do… sweet lord, yes!”

As for the writing, it was good and kept me intrigued but there was a lot of repetition of thoughts and dialogue. It did get better towards the end, though.

Overall, I thought it was a nice, fun read and will be looking out for book 2.

She was mine. She is mine. She will always fucking be mine.


Buddy read with Jeanne!!
3.5 stars