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I need a rock star husband. Pronto.
Yup, with all those steamy moments, it’s as easy as that.
If your looking for romance, steam, humor, and angst in a neatly wrapped and easy to read package, Lick is for you.

Ev has turned twenty-one and her friend, Lauren, has decided it’s time for her to let her hair down and forget about her “plan” for a few days.
That’s how she wakes up in Vegas hungover.
With a husband.
And a huge rock on her finger.
Oh, and don’t forget about the tattoo on her left butt cheek of his name. Too bad she has no recollection of any of it.
Since her husband happens to be David Ferris, a rocks star, what happens in Vegas certainly isn't staying in Vegas.
“Let me get this straight, you don’t remember anything?”
“No,” I said, swallowing hard. “What did we do last night?”
“We got fucking married,” he growled.

I was pleasantly surprised about how much I enjoyed this book. Before reading, I got caught up in all the good reviews and praises that I came in with high expectations, and that never ends well with me. However, Lick was able to hold its own.
The beginning was a little slow for me but I quickly got caught up in the story and its characters.
“Close the door down there and lock it,” David yelled. “Don’t you come up here under any circumstances. Not till I tell you it’s okay. Understood?”
There was a pause then Mal yelled back. “What if there’s a fire?”

David and Ev were perfect for each other. I loved how they were together.
David surprised me. For some reason, I pictured him as some asshole rock star but he was really sweet. He had his moments but for the most part I was swooning over him.
“What are we doing? I asked, bewildered.
“Spooning. We did it that night for a while. Until you felt sick.”
“We spooned?”
“Yep,” he said. “Stage two in the memory rehab process, spooning. Now go to sleep.”
“I only woke up an hour ago.”
He pressed his face into my hair and even threw a leg over mine for good measure, pinning me down. “Bad luck. I’m tired and I wanna spoon. With you. And the way I figure it, you owe me. So we’re spooining.”

Ev was awesome. I loved her personality and especially how she would think before she would act.
One thing I really respected was how she didn’t search the web for information on the band and David. I mean, I don’t know how many stories I read that the heroine would investigate the hero and it always led to disaster.
She trusted that David would tell her everything when he was ready.
“Love isn’t always smooth or straightforward. It can be messy and painful,” he said. “Doesn’t mean it isn’t still the most incredible thing that can ever happen to you.”
Another thing I liked about this book was how Kylie Scott described the famous/ rock star lifestyle. She didn’t make it out to be rainbows and unicorns but it wasn’t too graphic and off-putting.

Lick had me laughing, smiling, and fanning myself but it didn’t make me feel everything. When Ev found David “cheating”, it was sad but it didn’t devastate me. It was the only major thing that lacked for me. I wanted to really feel everything like I was there and not just reading what was happening.
Nonetheless, I truly enjoyed this book and can’t wait for the second one.
*Fingers crossed for book 2 being Mal’s*

A solid 4 entertaining stars.