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Bad Things (Tristan & Danika, #1) - R.K. Lilley “Tell me not to kiss you,” he said.
“Don’t kiss me.”
“Mean it.”
“I can’t.”

Sassy heroine, witty dialogue, dysfunctional couple… it was like my book soulmate.
Danika’s life has been anything but easy and now with her feet under her, she’s determined to keep it that way.
I needed stability. I clung to it.
And then, Tristan comes barreling into her life and she learns how to let go and live in the moment. Even with the Don’t List they created, she falls hard and deep for him.
Of course, that only made her impact with the ground that much more devastating.
Danika was great and very realistic character. I love how sassy she was and her no bullsh*t personality was refreshing. She was strong when she needed to be but also very vulnerable.
“I've been cut
I've been opened up
I've been shattered by the ones I thought I loved.”
-Chalk Outline, Three Days Grace

Who was I? Who was somebody like me even supposed to be? Nobody loved me. It didn’t feel like anyone ever had. So where did that leave me?

Tristan was broody and mean, but his soft moments melted my heart. You could see the differences between how he was with Danika and how he was with someone else. He’s definitely a favorite of mine but I’m not seeing good things in the future for him…
Bad Things is told from Danika’s POV and Tristan’s. I felt everything in this book. Every happy, sad, frustrating, angry moment, I felt right along with them. The dual POV just made it stronger because, even though seeing everything through Danika’s eyes affected me, Tristan was like a freight train of emotions.
“I need you. I’ve never needed anyone or anything the way I need you. I need you in a way that would break me if I lost you.”
Their relationship was… a beautiful train wreck. They’re not good for each other but there’s no doubt in my mind that they’re meant to be together. When it’s good, it’s great but when it’s bad, it’s horrendous.
Yet, I still can’t help but root for them.
“When it’s right, like it is with us, it doesn’t make your life harder, it makes it better, even when it’s hard. I’ve never been so happy as I’ve been with you, and I don’t begin to know how to get past that.”
I read the Up In The Air series before Bad Things so I know where Danika and Tristan are headed. I just want to know… HOW THE HELL DO THEY END UP THERE?
They’re obsessed with each other, their neediness practically bordering on crazy.
Tristan must have done something beyond stupid and I’m dying to know what it was.
“… you were my strength , when I was too weak to even stand.”