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Undressed - Avery Aster Oh my... Prince Massimo Tittoni, you don't need Lex! You have me right here... waiting for you... naked...
*cough what? who said that? not me...*

Avery Aster has done it again! We've got another steamy, sexy read that sure to rip the panties right off of you ;)
Trust me, you won't need them.
"You know within the first five minutes from meeting a man– if you desire him. You know after the next ten minutes if you want to fuck him. And you know after fifteen minutes you want to marry him."
Prince Massimo Tittoni
Alexandra Easton


These books never fail to make me laugh, swoon, and rip my clothes off and find myself a prince, Big Daddy or whatever the hell she's cooked up!

Masi was a grade A, cold-hearted bastard in book but he managed to win me over anyways. Once your really get underneath the arrogant exterior you find he's a big softy (but only his heart *wink* hee hee...)
He's so sweet and just so. damn. sexy. Avery definitely knows what the hell she's doing.

Lex was also a great character, not a sassy as Taddy (who's my favorite) but can definitely hold her own. Her and Masi were perfect together (although not as perfect as me and Masi).

The Manhattanites series never fails to put a smile on my face. If you're looking for an exciting, steamy read then you've come to the right place!
"Bella, this is home for me."
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