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Otherwise Alone - Shay Savage image
Otherwise Alone is one of the best short stories/novellas I've ever read.

Even Arden is wasting his life away in a tiny shack in the middle of nowhere. It's not by choice, though. That's what happens when you piss off the boss. And it was either a shack in the desert or six feet under the ground. Now, if his boss would only send word for him to come back...
But when a sexy, lost women stubbles upon his shack things don't seem so bad and it's been ages...
He just might have to kill her, though.

The characters were developed perfectly and the story was mysterious, captivating and exceptionally written.

Shay Savage can do one hell of a male point of view. It didn't feel forced or strange... it was like I was really in his head. And I loved his no bullshit, unapologetic attitude. He was who he was and made no excuses for it.
Lia Antonio was another great character. We didn't know much about her, other than what Evan knew, and I was completely fine with that. Lia is one of the only female characters that I've ever read about that hasn't annoyed the crap out of me at some point.
That's a huge achievement.

However, that ending.... Evan what were you thinking? *deep sigh*
Men... you just can't win with them.